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The Making of a TerriDragon
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              Guaranteed To Make You Smile!


TerriDragons are the creation and art of Terri Wenzel, Artist/Author/Designer/Seamstress.  Each TerriDragon is handmade to order in New England using the finest fabrics and accessories for each creation.  About 11" tall, these numbered, collectible soft sculptures are unique and make the perfect gift for the person who appreciates hand crafted, creations.


TerriDragons are made to order and only sold on this site and at selected top Con's, Festivals and faires throughout the United States.  Due to the limitations of our site provider all TerriDragons state that they are In Stock.  With over 400 different Characters available as well as custom orders, it is impossible to stock all dragons.  We make each TerriDragon to order,   please allow 10-14 days for us to create your dragon, maybe a bit longer during peak festival season and we are on the road.    If you are going to visit us at a show and want a particular dragon you can Pre-Order on this site, Enter Promo Code "PICKUP", you won't be charged shipping and we will bring your dragon (s) to the show.

 TerriDragons are not toys, they are collectibles and for display only.

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