Dragonwycks is a collection of unique Dragon and celtic items including the TerriDragon line of character dragons exclusive to dragonwycks.  Have fun searching our site, everyone needs a dragon for protection and to stir their imagination.  those who have no imagination cannot see dragons and can be lost.  Believe in the fantasy, smile and enjoy life.

  Thanks to very successful shows and our loyal
  collectors we are backlogged for Christmas.  We will do our best to fill orders for the holidays but can't guarantee by Christmas, may be a little late.  Many TerriDragons are in stock, if you wish, email us at terridragon15@yahoo.com to see if your dragon is in stock and ready to ship. 
                     Thank You for a successful 2019                 

Dear Terri,  My husband took your card at your last show and ordered Henry VIII for me for Christmas.I just want to tell you how much I love it.  Henry VIII is one of my favorite historical fiqures and you have captured him perfectly.  Jenn

Terri, Just received my custom dragon, It Is Amazing!  Better than we expected but expected as much after seeing examples of your work.  Thanks Again, Brad



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    "A Dragon Called Ivan"

    A little girl named Maggie discovers that she can see and talk to dragons because of her imagination. "Ivan the Carpenter Dragon" opens up a whole new world to her.