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TerriDragons & European Treasures

Terri Wenzel is an artist, author, crafter and the creator of the TerriDragon, the small dragon with the big imagination that can be anything that TerriDragon can imagine.  Terri has been creating, sewing and painting since she was old enough to hold scissors and was given her first sewing machine at age 10.  After years of creating and selling her own designs at Celtic and Renaissance festivals in Colorado.   in 2009 the first dragon in this extensive collection was made. "Ivan the Carpenter Dragon", made to honor the memory of Terri's father, Ivan Johnson, who was a carpenter and artist, was so popular that more creations and characters were born.  There have been over 350 TerriDragon characters created, and more are being designed every day.   Now living in New Hampshire, TerriDragons can be found at many Comic Cons, Festivals and Conventions all over the USA.   Along with husband John they create each TerriDragon  personally by hand.  Each Dragon is then named, numbered and signed by the artist.

Guaranteed to make you smile, there is a TerriDragon for everyone, but be warned, TerriDragons are habit forming, you can never have just one!

European Treasures was formed in 2009 by John & Terri Wenzel as the retail outlet for TerriDragons and the other products offered by European Treasures including Woven European Tapestries, Jewelry imported from the UK, Knight Figurines/Castle Decor and imported European woven tapestries from Belgium, France, Italy and other countries.

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