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IMPORTANT NOTICE! Dragonwycks will be on the road Until May 22nd.  DO NOT PLACE ANY OREDERS ON THIS SITE WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST BY EMAIL,  we have product with us for our road shows and may have what you want, if not we cannot re-supply until the end of may.  see you at motor city comic con may 17th
   "The True Sign of Intelligence is not knowledge, but Imagination", Albert Einstein.
Dragonwycks sells a collection of unique gifts guaranteed to stir the imagination.  We are the creators and manufacturer of collectible dragon characters known as TERrIDRAGONS and MY PET DRAGONS..  Our European Treasures division imorts Tapestries, Jewelry and unique Castle decor from France, Belgium and the UK including Alchemy Jewelry and artwork by Anne Stokes and Lisa Parker.  Explore our site to see over 300 Terridragon characters and imported gifts.  You can also see us in person at several selected conventions and Festivals.  Click on "HOME" and see "UPCOMING SHOWS" on the dropdown menu.
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P905 Bouquet of Love Pendant.jpeg
My Pet Dragons/Candy
Castle Decor
Canvas Art Prints /Greeting Cards
Alchemy of England                   Jewelry
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